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November Postpartum Series

Cost: $169

Dates: November 

Times: 9:30am-10:30am

Location: 2010 E 38th St, Suite 201B, Davenport, IA 52087

In this eight-session group training series, you will: honor your postpartum body, establish a solid core foundation, wake up your posterior chain, join a tribe of mamas in the community and enhance your posture through safe, effective functional movements that transfer into everyday life tasks.

Join our November Postpartum Series to learn true functional core and pelvic floor healing. Discover strength the way your body was truly made to move. Mothers from the community gather together and create a tribe of understanding and support. This class creates a safe space for strength and vulnerability. Come as your true authentic self and heal from within.

The class will be 60 minutes in length for four weeks.  You will also be given movement homework to practice. Come ready to move, sweat and connect. Non-mobile babies are welcome!

November Postpartum Series
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